Annex to the house rules

on the occasion of

COVID-19 pandemic

Declaration of commitment for organizers

The organizer is solely responsible for compliance with all legal provisions and official orders in the course of using the Consolmo seminar rooms. He is obliged to comply with all necessary and prescribed measures, e.g. to create a COVID-19 prevention concept and to appoint a COVID-19 officer, and to provide evidence to the authorities if necessary.

The COVID-19 prevention concept must be sent to Wenkheim GmbH upon request.

The organizer acknowledges that Wenkheim GmbH assumes no responsibility to comply with or implement the statutory provisions and official orders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and also does not guarantee that the event concept planned by the organizer will be implemented in accordance with the law in the Consolmo seminar rooms and the relevant requirements are met (e.g. maximum number of participants, etc.).